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Lodging & Field Sites

San Jose is the capital and largest city of Costa Rica and is located in the mid-west of the central calley of the country. 
Bijagual Ecological Reserve is located on the Atlantic slope of Costa Rica in the Sarapiquí region. 

GPS Coordinates:

Bijagual: 10.363154, -84.103380
Hotel Savegre is located in the high elevation cloud forest of Costa Rica. 

GPS Coordinates: 

Savegre: 9.550815, -83.807445
Rustic private lodge located on the Golfo Dulce

Bijagual Ecological Reserve


Bijagual Ecological Reserve is a research station on 720 acres of rainforest in the lowlands of northeastern Costa Rica.  The elevation of the reserve ranges from 300-400 meters above sea level and the annual rainfall averages about 217 inches.  Bijagual contains 17 km of trails that provide convenient access to all parts of the reserve.  The reserve offers students the chance to experience the rainforest first-hand and to study its many inhabitants.

The main building offers dormitory-style accommodations. Spacious common areas are equipped with tables and work surfaces.  The building is equipped with modern facilities (including electricity, potable water, hot water showers and indoor plumbing).

While visiting Bijagual students will have the opportunity to learn about tropical rainforest ecosystems through both guided instruction and by participating in research.  The reserve allows students to learn about tropical plant families and wildlife ecology in the field.  Students are also introduced to experimental design.  In the past research has varied from mist-netting birds and trapping insects to plant sampling and forensic entomology. Students have also installed and monitored wildlife cameras. 

Hotel Savegre

While staying at Hotel Savegre, students will have the opportunity to learn about the unique flora and fauna of the high elevation cloud forest. There are numerous trails around the hotel perfect for viewing a diverse group of birds from a close distance. Students will also attempt to catch a glimpse of the Resplendent Quetzal. 

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